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Quality by Design: Convergence of Testing, Lean, Intelligence & Automation

Software has become a key business differentiator. As a result, organizations now expect software development teams to deliver more, and more innovative, software within shorter delivery cycles. To meet these demands, teams have turned to lean approaches, such as Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery, to try to speed up the delivery life cycle. After accelerating other aspects of the delivery pipeline, teams typically find that their testing process is preventing them from achieving the expected benefits of their acceleration initiative. Testing and the overall quality process remain problematic for several key reasons.

Design is defined as having purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or a material outcome. And quality is defined as the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. So, the question is how do you set a standard of excellence by design, while evolving into a fast-moving, adaptive organization?

As enticing as such a vision is, turning it into a reality can be challenging.

Building an organizational focus, enablers, teams, and capabilities aligned with the focus on Quality by Design offers unique opportunities for humanizing technology and for developing emotionally resonant products and services. Adopting this perspective isn’t easy. But doing so helps create a workplace where people want to be, one that responds quickly to changing business dynamics and empowers individual contributors.

Built on the theme of Quality by Design, this year the conference will be a display of ideas, experiments and experiences to explore challenges and suggest techniques and innovations to overcome the common challenges.



Business Leadership

Track focusing on Business Trends, Developments, Market Indicators, New Business Models, Customer Expectations & Value Management, Acquisition and Retention of Customers, Pricing Strategies, Outsourcing & Crowd Sourcing Models, and Demonstration of ROI for the projects.


Test Outsourcing | Business Trends | Customer Retention | Innovation | Test Factory | Growth Strategy & Directions | Crowd Sourcing | Customer Acquisition | Customer Expectation & Value Management | Pricing Strategies | Testing CoE | CIO Expectations | ROI Measurement | Scaling TCoE | Reducing Cost of Quality

Emerging Areas

Track focusing on Emerging Technologies, Life cycle Models, Innovations, Ideas, Research Developments, Tools, Techniques, Methodologies, and ideas that are currently being experimented by the industry to move to the next level of growth and maturity.


Cloud Testing | Internet of Things | Compliance Testing | Model Based Testing | Virtualization | Agile Testing | Testing BIG Data | Security Testing | Managed Services | SOA Testing | SAAS Testing | Non Functional Testing Techniques | Performance Modeling | Maturity Models | New Standards & Frameworks | Latest Research

Program Management

Track focusing on Designing Delivery Models & Mechanisms with a focus on optimal use of tools, people, time, scope and quality. Discussions focus on methods that have successfully helped companies in estimating, planning, measuring, managing and controlling  the projects and programs.


Requirement Management | Scope Management | Test Planning | Test Estimation | Test Project Management | Test Execution & Reporting | Measurement & Metrics | Team Building | Distributed Testing | Test Process Improvement | Infrastructure Management | Earned Value Management | Lean Testing

Agile & DevOps

Agile methods encourage frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability, a set of engineering best practices intended to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.


Agile Testing & Quality Strategies | Test Driven Development | Quality Control in Xtreme Programming | Automation in Agile Testing | Agility in Testing & Quality Control | Approaches / Examples for/of adopting Agile Principles to Testing Services | Agile Quality | Scaled Agile Framework for Testing | Integrating SAFe and TMMi

Tools & Automation

Track focusing on techniques and tools for enabling increased scalability, adoption, and thus providing non-linear growth for the organizational practices. Discussions focus on the best practices used by organizations to scale and increase the efficiency multi-fold.


Test Architecture | Automation | Enterprise Application Testing | Key Word Driven Testing | Embedded Application Testing | Tool Identification | Automation Frameworks | Tool Selection & Implementations | Lessons Learnt | Best Tools and Techniques for Test Case Definition | Reporting & Defect Analysis | Statistical Models | Predictive Modeling

Design & Innovation

Track focusing on identifying, nurturing, and demonstrating the application of design thinking principles to innovate, and out-perform the delivery of proposition of quality.  Discussions will focus on design thinking principles, application of design thinking, experiments in creating better experiences for customers.


Service Design | Service Innovation | Approaches for Service Design | Creating Quality by Design | Co-Design | Collaboration Models | Building Design Capability | Design Tools | Case Studies | Experiences in Design | Design Sprints

Conference Agenda

Day 1

Day 1 – December 06, 2018 | Thursday

Time Presentations Duration
0800 – 0900 Registration and Seating 60 Minutes
0900 – 0910 Opening and Welcome Address 10 minutes
0910 – 0940 Quality @ the Heart of SAP Cloud Transformation Journey. An insight into the bold new mission of Intelligent Testing
– Rishabh Tripathi, Vice President & Head – P&I S/4HANA Test Engineering, SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
30 minutes
0945 – 1015 Will AI be another Tesla for software testing in the future?
– Avinash Tiwari, Co-Founder, pCloudy
30 minutes
1020 – 1050 The Next Frontier of Automation: Enterprise RPA

– Raj Dhingra, Business Head – RPA, Tricentis

30 minutes
1050 – 1110 Tea / Coffee Networking Break 20 minutes
Paper / Best Practices Presentations
Track I: Business Leadership + Agile
(Grand Victoria I)
Track II: Emerging Areas
(Grand Victoria II)
Track III: Tools & Automation
Track IV: Design & Innovation
1110 – 1145 Business Testing Optimization
– Mohamed Riaz, Manager Integrated Business Testing, VMware Software
Effectiveness of front end performance of a website
– M.Ramkumar, Ramakrishnan Sitaraman, Shyamaladevi Saravanamari & Kiran Marri, CSS Corp
Bill to bill testing concept (Revenue Assurance)
– John Kamaraj Alexander, Software Test Manager, Amdocs
Customer Driven Testing Practices with Data Mining
– Monica Singh & Anasuiya Gupta, Adobe
30 + 5 minutes
1150 – 1225 Master-Orbit

– Snehasish Roy, Rekha Shetty & Umasankar Reddy, Amdocs
Quality Assurance for Ingestible Iots
– Jibendu Narayan Mazumder & Arpan Sarkar, Cognizant
AI Driven Continuous Testing for Accelerated Devops
– Sibsankar Majumder, Dattatreya Majumder & Sayan Mukherjee, Cognizant
Productionizing AI based Analytics Model for Quality Engineering
– Dattaprasad Kulkarni & Rajeshwari Kumaran, Cognizant
30 + 5 minutes
1230 – 1305 In-Sprint Performance Testing
– Naveen Merugu, Manager Consulting, CGI
Testing AI Applications
– Vinod Sundararaju Antony, Senthilkumar T., Ankur Joshi & Neil Samson R., Cognizant
A testing journey in the age of Smart Assistants
– Geoff Meyer, Dell EMC
Humanizing Quality by Design Thinking
– Vamsi Krishna Kuppa & Konidena Sravan, ADP India
30 + 5 minutes
1305 – 1405 Lunch Break 60 minutes
1410 – 1440 Quality since Inception powered by Intelligent QA
– Vadeesh Budramane, Founder & CEO, AlgoShack Technologies Pvt Ltd.
30 minutes
1445 – 1515 Technology Aided Accessibility Testing – A Solid Prelude to Quality in the Coming Years
– Rajini Padmanaban, Vice President – Engagements, QA Info Tech
30 minutes
1520 – 1550 A DevOps approach to QA: Leveraging Containerization to Accelerate Quality Assurance Workflows
– David Parker, Director – Global Strategic Alliances, Smartbear
30 minutes
1555- 1615 Corporate Presentations (pCloudy & Amdocs) 20 minutes
1615- 1630 Tea / Coffee Networking Break 15 minutes
Grand Victoria I & II Arabica – Parallel Track I – Tool Demo Session Robusta – Parallel Track II – Tool Demo Session
1635 – 1655 Blocked for Entertainment & Dinner Preparations pCloudy Smart Bear 20 minutes
1700 – 1720 Neotys Tricentis 20 minutes
1720 – 1745 Behavior Driven Test Automation and it’s Future.
– Atul Sharma, Founder, Svatah
Amdocs 20 minutes
1750 – 1810 Raffles, Games & Give Aways 20 minutes
1815 Onwards Corporate Presentations / Entertainment / Gala Dinner

*subject to change

Day 2

Day 2 – December 07, 2018 | Friday

Time Presentations Duration
0800 – 0900 Registration and Seating 60 Minutes
0900 – 0910 Seating & Announcements 10 minutes
0910 – 0940 Transformation from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering Organization
– Mr Jitendra Dutt Sharma, Head of Competency Centre, Amdocs Development Centre
30 minutes
0945 – 1015 Drive the future with AI enabled testing
– Mayuri Darabastu, Practice lead – Robotic Process Automation & Manager – Quality Engineering, Innominds
30 minutes
1020 – 1050 Taste of Cloud Testing
Anand Vaishampayan, Director – Cloud Application Migration Services, IBM
30 minutes
1050 – 1110 Tea / Coffee Networking Break 15 minutes
Paper / Best Practices Presentations
Track III: Tools & Automation
(Grand Victoria I)
Track III (contd.): Tools & Automation
(Grand Victoria II)
Track II: Emerging Areas
Track IV: Tools & Automation & Emerging Areas
1115 – 1150 Zero touch QA automation platform
– Suhardhini Kannapiran & Varadharajan Srinivasan, Cognizant
Automatic BDD Feature Generation using Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques
– Indrajit Bhattacharjee, Sridhar Santharam & Magesh Jayagopal, Cognizant
Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence – Machine Controlled Data Dispensation
– Muthu Venkatesh Sivakadatcham & Karthikeyan Mani, Infosys
AI Powered Accessibility Testing
– Jaspal Chand Ramola, Sr. Software Engineer, QA Info Tech
30 + 5 minutes
1155 – 1230 Smart DevOps
– Siddharth Sahni & Karanjeet Singh, Adobe Systems
Digital Test Automation Platform (Omni-Channel & AI Led Solution)
– Paul Thilak Adaikalam, Saravana Kumar Nagamurthy & JayaSudha JayaSankar, Cognizant
Test Genie – Transforming The Way You Test!!
– Partha Patnaik, Durgesh Joshi & Harsh Agarwal, Amdocs
Reducing maintenance of automated scripts through smart object identification and runtime xpath generation for testing a continuously evolving application
– Swarnil Kulkarni & Girish Kulkarni, Eaton
30 + 5 minutes
1235 – 1310 Voice Experience Testing over Communication Media
– Rahul Barua, Karthikeyan Swaminathan & Kiran Marri, CSS Corp
Accelerating QA with Microservices Automation
– Sai Subramanian, QA Manager, Cognizant
Plug & Play Blockchain Validation Framework
– Priya Venougoballou & Kishan Krishnappa, Cognizant
Agility @ field level validation
– Rajat Taheem, Manager QA, Rishabh Software
30 + 5 minutes
1315 – 1350 Real world use-cases in using AI and Ml in Software Testing
– Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder & CEO, AutonomIQ
Load Volume Designing through Application Performance Monitoring Tools
– Vishal Anand, Manish Sinha & Satheesh K Babu, IBM
Test Automation in DevOps and Agile – AI way
– Karteek Gadiraju & Raj Uppadhyay, Microsoft Global Services
Open Session 30 + 5 minutes
1350 – 1450 Lunch Break 60 minutes
1455 – 1525 Testopedesham: “Developer Bhi Kabhi Tester Tha And Testing Group Me Ab Sdet Hoga…”
– Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy, Customer Success Officer, Harman Intl.
30 minutes
1530 – 1600 Growing and Thriving as a Testing Professional
– Dhiraj Sinha, Vice President, Capgemini
30 minutes
1605 – 1635 Shifts in Testing Services and Digital Drivers behind these Shifts
– Anupama Jayakumar, Director, Schneider Electric
30 minutes
1640- 1710 Corporate Presentations (Tricentis, Smart Bear & Neotys) 20 minutes
1710- 1730 Tea / Coffee Networking Break 20 minutes
1735 – 1805 Best of the Best Awards Function & Felicitation 30 minutes
1810- 1830 Vote of Thanks & Closure 20 minutes

*subject to change



Avinash Tiwari

Anand K Vaishampayan

Dhiraj Sinha

Rishabh Tripathi
SAP labs India

Vadeesh Budramane
AlgoShack Technologies

Dr Shankar Ramamoorthy
Harman International.

Jitendra Dutt Sharma

Raj Dhingra

Anupama Jayakumar
Schneider Electric

David Parker
Smart Bear

Rajini Padmanaban
QA Info Tech


2018 Finalists

Presenters Category

Emerging methodologies for Project management in Digital era

M. Ramkumar, Ramakrishnan Sitaraman and Shyamaladevi Saravanamari from CSS Corp


Snehasish Roy, Rekha Shetty and Umasankar Reddy from Amdocs

Test Genie – Transforming The Way You Test!!

Partha Patnaik, Durgesh Joshi and Harsh Agarwal from Amdocs

Digital Test Automation Platform (Omni-Channel & AI Led Solution)

Paul Thilak Adaikalam, Saravana Kumar Nagamurthy and JayaSudha JayaSankar from Cognizant

Testing AI Applications

Vinod Sundararaju Antony, Senthilkumar T. and Ankur Joshi from Cognizant

Voice Experience Testing Over Communication Media

Rahul Barua, Karthikeyan Swaminathan and Kiran Marri from CSS Corp

Load Volume Designing through Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Vishal Anand, Manish Sinha and Satheesh K Babu from IBM

Automatic BDD Feature Generation using Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques

Indrajit Bhattacharjee, Sridhar Santharam & Magesh Jayagopal from Cognizant

Quality Assurance For Ingestible Iots

Jibendu Narayan Mazumder, Arpan Sarkar from Cognizant

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Machine Controlled Data Dispensation

Muthu Venkatesh Sivakadatcham, Karthikeyan Mani from Infoys

Productionizing AI based Analytics Model for Quality Engineering

Dattaprasad Kulkarni, Rajeshwari Kumaran from Cognizant

Zero Touch QA Automation Platform

Suhardhini Kannapiran, Varadharajan Srinivasan from Cognizant

Smart Devops

Siddharth Sahni, Karanjeet Singh from Adobe Systems

Test Automation in Devops and Agile – AI Way

Karteek Gadiraju, Raj Uppadhyay from Microsoft Global Services

Reducing maintenance of automated scripts through Smart Object Identification and Runtime Xpath

Swarnil Kulkarni, Girish Kulkarni from Eaton

Humanizing Quality by Design Thinking

Vamsi Krishna Kuppa, Konidena Sravan from ADP India

Business Testing Optimization

Mohamed Riaz from Vmware Software India

Bill To Bill Testing Concept (Revenue Assurance)

John Kamaraj Alexander from Amdocs

In-Sprint Performance Testing

Naveen Merugu from CGI

Customer Driven Testing Practices With Data Mining

Monica Singh from Adobe Systems

How to efficiently deliver SAP Performance Testing & Engineering Projects for very high concurrent user load

Preeti Kambli from Capgemini

AI Driven Continuous Testing for Accelerated Devops

Sibsankar Majumder from Cognizant

Agility @ field level validation

Rajat Taheem from Rishabh Software

Accelerating QA with Microservices Automation

Sai Subramanian from Cognizant

Plug & Play Blockchain Validation Framework

Priya Venougoballou from Cognizant

AI Powered Accessibility Testing

Jaspal Chand Ramola from QA Infotech

A testing journey in the age of Smart Assistants

Geoff Meyer from Dell EMC

2018 Posters Category

Aimate – Intelligent Application Tester

Vinod Sundararaju Antony, Senthilkumar T. and Ankur Joshi from Cognizant

Assurance for Digital Assistants

Mathiyarasu Narayanan, Sowmiya AR from Cognizant

S.T.A.R.K. – Service Tuning and Regression Kit

Devika Hans, Harnidh Kaur from Adobe Systems

Accessibility a Key Component of Software Testing Cycle

Priti Rohra, Fahad Lambate from Barrierbreak

Mots – Abstraction to Support Middleware Testing

Fyzur Rahaman, Murugan Maruvada  K from Wells Fargo

Using machine learning and predictive analytics to smartly predict application performance in production environment

Ravi Yogesh, Shanmukha Sahiti Challa from Wells Fargo

Concept of Containerization & Relative Performance Testing/Monitoring

Harshala Nagarkar from Cognizant

Aligning Test Data Management to Digital Enterprise Strategy

Akshay Dhote from Cognizant

Assuring Successful Enterprise-Wide Blockchain Adoption

Aakash Roy from Cognizant

Non-Functional Assurance for Internet of Things

Padmaja Alapati from Cognizant

Best practices to prevent spillovers in Agile Scrum

Janaki Pusuluri from Wells Fargo



Learn from Leaders

14 Plenary Key Notes by Gurus, 25 Best Practice Presentations, 10 Poster Presentations, 04 Knowledge Tracks, 15+ Tools & Automation Demonstrations, Pre-Conference & Post Conference Tutorials, Pre-Conference Webinars. All in 2 days.


Showcase & Demonstrate

Your practice, expertise, tools, technologies, technique, experiences, and opinions to a global audience of senior professionals and practitioners. Create awareness, and get feedback with a community of over 12,000+ professionals.


Get Recognized

By contesting for the Best of Best Awards with 750+ best practices from over 300 organizations across 06+ countries. Winners of the Best of the Best – Testing Leadership Award get a featured speaker slot at QUEST 2018 in USA.


Meet, Interact & Network

Meet with over 800+ practitioners, International Experts, 100+ Leaders, Decision Makers, Influencers, and Thought Leaders in the field of Software Testing & Quality.


Explore & Partner

With individuals & organizations, expand your network influencers. Best place to find a new technology, new trend and new associates for your ideas and goals.


Get Inspired

By influential speakers, quality practitioners, evangelists, who have experienced quality from other walks of life, and other lines of work from across the world.


Get Tested & Win

A Challenge, a puzzle, a contest and finally an award and recognition. We encourage you to test your knowledge through online assessments, and skills by testing future products and take home a host of prizes and goodies. STC has 15+ different awards to recognize excellence.


Explore the Future

At the technology & innovation show case by the leading technology providers in the field of Software Testing & Quality. Live labs and tool demonstration sessions for you to experience the amazing new developments from various technology companies.


Support Profession

By attending, promoting, supporting, debating, joining the discussions and helping others in gaining insights and right perspectives, and providing feedback to the individuals and organizations through both online and offline interventions.


Have Fun

Work Hard, Play Harder is the motto at STC 2017. The Gala Dinner, Best of the Best Awards Night, lightening sessions, contests, quizzes, competitions and mock paper presentations, are just some of the many avenues created to make the professionals show their lighter side as well.


Testing Leadership Awards (2017)

The Testing Leadership Award recognizes leadership and contribution in the field of software testing. It will provide impetus and encourage contribution to the testing processes, skills and principles that make testing an imperative part of the software development life cycle. It will also encourage breakthrough achievements and innovative approaches in the testing process that aim to make successful products and services in the IT Industry.

Best of Best Awards

The Best of the Best Awards have been instituted to recognize practitioners for their excellence in the practice of Software Testing & Quality. Instituted in 1999, the awards have become an industry standard recognition for the practitioners.

This year, we received over 470 submissions from over 250+ organizations from 06+ countries to contest for the Testing Leadership Awards, 2017. After screening the submissions for relevance and appropriateness of content, 252 papers were shortlisted for regional rounds in 6 cities across India.

The regional rounds were hosted by Cognizant in Chennai, Deloitte in Mumbai, QA Infotech in Delhi, CGI in Bangalore and Capgemini in Pune. A Jury Board of over 40+ industry leaders evaluated each paper and finally gave opportunity to 34 best of the best papers at STC 2017 in Bangalore.

Winners of this year’s award ceremony conducted at STC 2017.



Quality Assurance in Blockchain
Arpan Sarkar & Jibendu Narayan Mazumder, Cognizant Technology Solutions

The paper illustrates techniques for assuring Blockchain: White-box Testing , Grey-box Testing -, Black-box Testing, Non-Functional Testing and areas such as Blockchain as a Service, Blockchain Cloud, Blockchain IoT and their implications on Quality Assurance.

Click here to view the Presentation

1st Runner Up

AI and Software Testing
Vikram Raghuvanshi & Venkatesh Babu, Capgemini

This whitepaper gives an introduction to Artificial Intelligence; and how AI touches our lives on day to day basis. It also talks about the usage of AI in QA.

Click here to view the Presentation

2nd Runner Up

Transforming Automation to Artificial Intelligence
K Manohar Reddy & Rakesh Aradhya, Allscripts India Private limited

This white paper will cover insights on how to build a test script along with test case design by using the ‘Automation Artificial Intelligence Framework’.

Click here to view the Presentation

Best Poster Presentation Award


Mapping Artificial Intelligence to Software Testing concepts
Sonam Srivastava & Abhinav Arya, Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd

Artificial Intelligence approaches, clubbed with automation can do wonders and fetch faster results for complex market demands. This paper presents the number of Artificial intelligence approaches, that can be used by in the Software testing environment. Keywords: Software Testing, Test Cases, Test data generation

Click here to view the Presentation

Community Choice Speaker Award


Future of Testing in DevOps World
Wolfgang Platz, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tricentis

In this keynote address, Wolfgang Platz, Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, shares his vision of software testing in the digital future. Learn how enterprise application architectures and associated delivery models are changing, how testing must evolve to address these changes, and what testers can (and must) do to successfully navigate the road ahead.

Click here to view the Presentation


If you are a provider of IT quality and/or testing tools and services, this is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand’s presence by being represented and making yourself known at STC 2018 through the sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.

The conference features a two-day Exhibitor EXPO for “one-stop-shopping” of IT quality and testing tools, and services. Conference attendees can browse the exhibitor booths in the exhibition hall to gather information and speak with representatives from the vendor organizations. The Expo, gives sponsors direct access to conference delegates. Companies with software testing and development products and services will certainly benefit from direct sales interaction with this highly targeted and motivated audience.

The conference sponsors and exhibitors will host an EXPO reception on Thursday evening with conference attendees for additional networking opportunities.

Participation as a sponsor or exhibitor at this conference provides high visibility for your company. Your company’s name and logo will appear on the STC conference website. Secondly, your company’s name and logo will appear in all marketing materials for the conference which will be distributed to over 50,000 IT professionals across the India and globally. Lastly, your company will have direct contact with IT professionals attending the conference, which include management at all levels as well as practitioners who take information back to their companies that they gathered during the conference and Exhibitor EXPO. You can view past STC sponsors and exhibitors at STC 2017, STC 2015, STC 2014, STC 2013, and STC 2012.

We are now accepting requests for serving as a conference sponsor and/or participating in the Exhibitor EXPO. For more information please contact Pradeep Chennavajhula ( for a detailed proposal.


September 10, 2018:
Submission of Author Intent Form.

September 18, 2018:
Submission of Final Paper/Practice/Tutorial & Copyright Release Form signed by all authors.

September 22, 2018:
Regional Qualifying Rounds.

October 05, 2018:
Announcement of results for Regional Qualifying Rounds.

November 10, 2018:
Submission of Final Presentation for the conference.

December 06-07, 2018:
18th Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC 2018).

Who will Win!

Out of the total of 437 submissions received from 7 countries and 65+ organizations worldwide, only 295 submissions were invited to participate in the Regional Qualifying Rounds. Finally, only the top 26 Best of the Best submissions will compete for the Testing Leadership Awards, 2018 and the next set of 11 submissions will compete for the Best Poster Award during the two days of the conference in Bangalore.


Basavaraj Hugar
Founder and HO
Valuable Consulting

Bharathi Venugopal
Manager Development

Chetan Srivastava
Director Testing

Chandrakumar Raman
VP & Head CQ
CSS Corp

Haribabu Padmaban
Quality Engineering
Practo Technologies

Kunal Chauhan
Chief Technology Officer
QA InfoTech

Minesh Upadhyaya
Chief Operating Officer
QA InfoTech

Mukesh Sharma
Founder & CEO
QA InfoTech

Mahantesh Maganur
Department Manager

PraveenKumar Prem
Senior Manager

Prabhu Kogunde Matt
General Manager
Ericsson India

Rajesh Sharma
Co-Founder and CIO
QA InfoTech

Rahul Vishwaroop
Quality Leader
Adobe Systems

Roopa Satish
Program Manager
Tech Mahindra

Shrinathacharya LM
Principal Engineer

Sanjeev Das
Senior Director

Shrini Kulkarni
Vice President
JP Morgan Chase

Dr S Ramamoorthy
C.S. Officer
Harman International

Vivek Mathur
General Manager

Vinay Agarwal
SM Quality Engineering
Tavant Technologies

Prateek Yadav
Global Head Testing
QA Mentor

Chandrashekar Ramadas
Head of Delivery
Emagine Infotech

R Sitaraman
CSS Corp

Tejas Modi
Vice President
Intellect Design Arena

Prateek Yadav
Global Head Testing

Uday Deshpande
Opal Technology

Vijayalaxmi Kulkarni
QA Manager(R&D)

Ghanshyam Tiwari

Geetesh Raj Singh
Senior Director
NTT DATA Services

Hemant J Ambikar
Director Testing

Subbiah Muthiah

Mayuri Darabastu
Manager Quality Engineering

Durvasula Venkata Sreerama Sasyru

Vijayakumar K N

Venkata Goday

Nagaraju Vunnava

M Karthik Reddy
Associate Manager

Karthik Iyer
Senior Manager

Nilesh Yeola

Nehal Gutka
Deloitte Consulting









Regional Hosts




New Delhi



Survey Partner



Rs. 12500

Per Participant

For individuals, corporate sponsored professionals/ teams interested in attending the complete 2 day event, including Entertainment Evening/ Gala Dinner and Awards Night.


Rs.  8125

Per Participant

For Professionals interested in attending the complete 1 day event. Choose either Day 1 (includes entertainment evening/ gala dinner) or Day 2 (includes awards night).


The Park Plaza (Now Radisson Blu)
Sy #90/4 Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Munnekollalu Village | Bengaluru 560037 | India

Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India”, now officially known as Bengaluru, is situated in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka.It is called the “Silicon Valley of India” because of the large number of Information Technology companies located in the city. As headquarters to 38% of global SEI-CMM Level 5 Companies, Bangalore’s place in the global IT map is prominent. Bengaluru’s Rs. 260,260 crore makes it a major economic center in India. Indeed, Bangalore is India’s fourth largest and fastest growing market. Bangalore’s per capita income of Rs. .49 lakh (US$ 1,160) is the highest for any Indian city. It is also known as the Garden City of India because of its climate, greenery and the presence of many public parks, including the Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park.

The Park Plaza epitomizes an urban Art of Living far exceeding other hotels in Bangalore. This 5 star deluxe hotel is strategically located, connecting travelers and guests to Bangalore’s IT hubs in Whitefield, Sarjapur and along the highway.

Boasting some of the most advanced and expansive facilities in the entire city, Park Plaza Bengaluru have an unbeatable venue for conferences in Bangalore. The venue is accentuated by grand design lines, full audiovisual support and urbane interiors, adding style and grandeur to the event.