pCloudy Overview
pCloudy in collaboration with QAI, is organizing a hackathon for all the attendees of QAI’s 19th Software Testing Conference. (Date to be announced soon!). At pCloudy, we believe in embracing open innovation by integrating technology and expertise to shape the future of mobile app testing. pCloudy has conducted various hackathons aiming at resolving challenges in mobile app testing through technology and in continuation to that we are going to hold another hackathon focusing on Quality @ Speed in test automation. Through this hackathon, pCloudy would like the participants to identify the challenges, analyze them and develop a solution approach using suitable tools for the challenges analyzed.
About pCloudy
pCloudy is the next-gen mobile app testing platform with more than 5000 device browser combinations. It is a great perform to manual testing as well as automated testing on real devices. pCloudy is loaded with futuristic features like an AI powered autonomous testing bot and audio interaction testing. pCloudy has a global presence and provides solutions to many Fortune 500 companies.
Only QAI STC attendees can participate in this hackathon.
Participants need to bring laptops with the following software installed on it.
Hackathon Rules
Each team should perform the following tasks:
Level 1: Automate one work flow completely using Appium on both Android and iOS and run the Automation on pCloudy.

Level 2: Run the automation from level 1 on Jenkins and run this as a CI.

Note: Participants need to upload their completed code on GitHub and share the github project. The project should have suitable readme and required code comments, so that evaluators will be able to properly understand the code being evaluated.

Grading System
Level 1:
Level 2:
Coming Soon…
Date: Coming Soon…